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On-Board Air - Putting it All Together

Having assembled the manifold module I decided to cheat a bit and installed the manifold, a pressure regulator and the air tank before finishing up with mounting the compressor or assembling the oil separator. Basically, an OBA system that relies on an external air source to fill it (my shop compressor). At least this way I'll have air in the short term even if the York isn't installed. Handy for airing up tires!

First order of business was mounting the manifold with its bits and pieces. I added a quick disconnect for charging the system from my shop compressor. Also, in addition to the gauge on the manifold I ran a line to a nice Viair gauge that will be mounted on the dashboard somewhere. That line runs through a small hole in the firewall.

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I mounted a pressure regulator in the back of the tub where it will be easy to access for airing up tires, running tools, etc.

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My original plan was to mount the tank beneath the tub somewhere - but there wasn't any great spot. A smaller tank would be okay, but this one not so much. So I opted to mount it over the passenger side rear wheel well adjacent to the regulator. Fits just fine there. Just had to rearrange my speakers, moving them a bit higher up the roll bar.

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I'll update this page as I get the other two modules mounted.